Open up your facility

July 30, 2013

If you have not already started preseason practices you soon will. That means a lot of long hours and work for many ATs. Did you know that it also presents an excellent opportunity?

As the year is ramping up for athletic trainers the work of Congress is on hold. They go on “vacation.” They are no longer in Washington, D.C. and are in their home districts. This does not mean that they are not working. What does this mean for you and I? We have a great opportunity to showcase what we do and our value in protecting the student-athletes.

House Resolution 72 is the Seconday School Student Athletes’ Bill of Rights. If you are not familiar with it then take a momment after you read this to go to ( The premise is that student-athletes and their parents should be able to have certain minimum expectations met when participating in secondary school athletics.

Would you be willing to invite your Congressman/woman to your athletic training facility for a visit in the month of August? All it takes is an email to their district office to invite them and let them know you would like to discuss House Resolution 72. If you would rather, give them a call and invite the Congressman. If you don’t know who it is then go to

When they come give them information about athletic trainers, about the bill of rights, about your program, and about HRes 72. Your NATA District Governmental Affairs Representative can provide you with information if you need or you can contact the NATA. Give your Representative a tour of your facility, your football practice, a ride on your Gator, and show them what you do. Ask them to co-sponsor House Resolution 72 to protect student-athletes. Get a picture with them and post it, along with a thank you, on twitter or facebook (tag them in the post). Then follow up with a thank you note to your Congressman/woman.

I hope to hear of hundreds of Congressional visits to AT facilities all across the country in the next month. I hope to share with you mine. We can show Congress why this is important and they will be interested. All it takes is a little time and effort on your part. Are you willing to take that step for the profession?


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  1. Michael Goldenberg Says:

    Thanks Ryan for the suggestion

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