Athlete safety

February 25, 2013


Since the youth sports safety alliance met weeks ago there has been a push for greater attention on athlete safety. There is now an athlete bill of rights created by the youth sports safety alliance. This bill of rights creates a minimum standard for youth athlete safety. Simple steps like AED, first aid, CPR, emergency action plans, and safe facilities.

While it may come as a surprise to you that these things may be lacking in some places, it is the reality for about 60% schools in the US. Many of them do not have the necessary components in place.

There are 10 simple things all schools must do to protect their students. The NATA approached Congress today to ask for support of Represtative Gerlach’s resolution (H.R. 72). It seems like commonsense to support it. 

Your representative should learn about this resolution from you. Anyone can ask for their support and it is the most commonsense thing they can do in light of recent tragedies. We can’t force schools to provide the best care available, but they should be forced to provide basic things.



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