Youth Sports Safety Alliance

February 6, 2013

Today the Youth Sports Safety Alliance released the Athletes’ Bill of Rights. You can check out the full document below.

This has substantial impact on our professional because we are the closest profession to fulfilling the athlete safety needs of our youth. The bill of rights is very clear and includes many examples of what every athlete deserves.

I would ask that you, as an athletic trainer, a parent, a coach, a concerned citizen, or whatever you are, consider signing a petition that is available to support the guidelines set forth by the Youth Sports Safety Alliance. Each of these items needs to be in place for the protection of our youth athletes.

Athletic trainers fit into these guidelines and are the ideal professional to be ensuring the safety of our youth. Why should an athlete not have access to the services of an athletic trainer?

Share this petition with your friends and colleagues.

The bill of rights was presented to Congress today and, with the right support, we hope that it will move forward. This is an important issue and one that needs to be supported by everyone. Take a minute to register (it doesn’t cause you more mail or reveal your identity) and sign the petition.


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