Youth Sports Safety Alliance Summit

January 30, 2013

Members of an alliance that is supported by the National Athletic Trainers’ Association is having the 4th Annual Youth Sports Safety Alliance Summit February 5-6, 2013 in Washington, DC.

This is an exciting event and one that should have the focus of athletic training professionals. This alliance is doing big things and is taking enormous steps for the safety of athletes across this country. Included in this event is the formation of an athlete’s bill of rights.

The groups that are encouraged to be part are:

  • Athlete & Parent Advocacy Groups
  • State Boards of Education
  • School Board Associations
  • School  Superintendents
  • Parent-Teacher Chapters
  • Medical, Nursing, EMT Societies
  • High School Activities Associations
  • Student Council Associations
  • Sports Governing Bodies
  • School Principals

I wish that each state had a greater push to include these groups in this alliance. The members of the alliance include a lot of great groups that share in the concern for athlete safety.

Athlete safety continues to be a great public concern. Athletic trainers are on the frontlines and continue to be the experts concerning this issue. Despite the expertise there continues to be a lack of support in providing athletic training services to athletic programs across the country. The most recent estimate stands at 42% of high schools have access to an athletic trainer. Once again, this does not include appropriate staffing levels or full-time staff. This is disheartening, but is something that needs to be realized. The public needs to realize it. The legislators needs to realize it. And schools need to understand that this is an issue.

I will be commenting on this topic more in the next few weeks, but for now check out the link that to the Youth Sports Safety Alliance.


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