Call it what you do

January 18, 2013

Athletic trainers have fought for years to be recognized and have the approriate regulations in place to protect the public. Hard work has gone into making sure that it accurately reflects what we do for the public.

Let’s remember and remind people that we do athletic training. Within that is a number of things. We do injury prevention, diagnosis, injury management and treatment, rehabilitation, administration and professional development. What do we not do?

We do not do medicine. We work under a physician and we are in the sports medicine field. We are not board certified. We ARE certified by the Board of Certification. We are not performing physical therapy. We are very skilled at performing rehabilitation. We are not water boys/girls. We do promote the benefits of hydration and other ways to prevent heat illness. We are not equipment managers, but we are skilled at fitting equipment properly and making sure that appropriate checks are in place to ensure the safety of athletes. We do not coach or do personal training, but work with coaches and strength coaches to protect athletes and optimize a person’s plan. We are not the “trainer.” The appropriate title, and the one that you can use, is athletic trainer.

Be proud of what you do and be accurate in how you explain it. Do not let someone else define your profession. Define it for them. The law is there to protect what we do. Know your practice act. Read it. If you don’t understand it then ask someone to explain it. Don’t practice with an idea of what you think is your practice act. Know it. If you travel to another state then you need to know that practice act. Can you practice there? These are important things that many ATs neglect to pay attention to and it gets them in trouble. Know your practice act.

Athletic trainers are valuable health care professionals. We have a specific and important skill set. Your skills are unmatched in the health care field. This is why we are sought after professionals. People want our skill set. Do not let others try to minimize your impact. Do not let others define what athletic training is. Do not let yourself improperly defining what you do. You are an athletic trainer.

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