September 5, 2012

This might be the most important thing that you could do as an athletic trainer and it takes absolutely none of your time and very little investment on your part. The reward is potentially huge if we, as an association, get behind this important initiative. Our political future depends on the strength of our PAC.

A political action committee (PAC) is a way that ATs collectively can contribute to candidates and officeholders. The message that our support of them says is that they are important to our cause and we want to see them succeed. Clearly not every individual can agree with every candidate or officeholder that receives monies, but their support of us helps us achieve our objectives. It is managed by a board of directors and is not affiliated with the NATA. The NATA does not and cannot contribute to the PAC.

The NATAPAC is relatively new compared to other professional PACs. This is one reason that our PAC does not have the strength of other PACs at this point. The other is that not enough ATs contribute to the PAC. We need to be more responsive to this important function that serves our profession.

We spread our message with the NATAPAC. Sure you can contribute to individual candidates yourself – and that would be great! Also consider contributing something each month to the NATAPAC. It is very painless. You won’t even notice the amount that you contribute. Go to and you can begin contributing monthly or give a one time contribution. When you go to the website you need to log-in with your member number and then choose recurring or one-time. Choose the amount that you would like to contribute and then set up your credit card. It is that easy.

Our PAC is the easiest way that you can have a voice for our profession. The louder we speak the more clearly that we are heard and the more clearly that we are heard the more effective that we can be as a profession. Join with me and other ATs in making our voice heard.


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