Be the “go-to”

August 20, 2012

Have you had family members, fellow employees, neighbors, etc. come to you with questions about healthcare? What doctor should they see? Do they need to go to the doctor? Does this look weird to you? Sure you have. We all have.

Now imagine that your congressman calls you on your cellphone and have a question about a healthcare policy. Seem improbable? It is possible. The only way that this happens is by developing that relationship and making yourself known.

Head injuries, heat illness, EpiPens, sudden cardiac arrest are all issues that are out there that we are the experts in our field. The legislators who write the laws are not experts. They need a resource to help them in craft or in understanding a bill. They need to know why it is important and why it is needed.

It helps that their children attend your place of employment or that you treated their spouse. You’ve gained their trust through your professional demeanor. You have demonstrated that you are the expert. So why shouldn’t they call you? Imagine the power that you can have in actually educating a lawmaker who can put your input into a law. You actually have the ability to make them look good, which makes you look good.

So the next time that you have that meeting with your legislator let them know that you are available in case they ever need anything from you. Drop your business card with your cell phone number.

I will be talking more about meeting with elected officials and how you can develop that relationship.


One Response to “Be the “go-to””

  1. Michael Goldenberg Says:

    Good thoughts and ideas. Thank you

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