Be passionate

August 2, 2012

What is a major reason for success? Passion. Generally those who have a passion for something are highly successful. So I want to encourage you to be passionate. Very simply be passionate about who you are, what you believe, and what you do.

Okay, so that passion may not end up being your career. Maybe you are passionate about being a spouse or a parent. Maybe that passion is not in promoting your profession. I would call you to seek what is a passion.

I said that you you should passionate about who you are. I heard on the radio today an interesting exchange on Mike&Mike. There was the question of what you are most proud of having after your comma. It made me think. I could put a lot of things behind my comma, as you can as well. Think about it. Who are you? Fill in the blanks __First Name__ __Last Name__, __________. Okay, this might seem silly. My point is, are you passionate about what comes after that comma? After that comma does not need to be what you do or what you believe, but who you are. It’s possible that those two things drive your passion for who you are!

Can you be passionate about what you believe? I hope so. If you cannot have such strong convictions that you have a burning passion for your beliefs then it seems to me that the beliefs are flimsy. This can be religious beliefs, personal convictions, ethical holdings, or moral holding. Do you believe that there is a problem with government? Maybe that is not a passion of yours, but it might be. For me personally, I am very passionate that athletic trainers deserve the same status as other healthcare providers with state governments (licensure that is fair and permits ATs to practice within their training) and third party payers (to be reimbursed for the services that we provide that are equal to other professionals). Do you hold convictions that you are truly passionate about?

Be passionate about what you do. I am an athletic trainer and have a passion for the job that I do. I would have moved on to something else that is far easier and possibly pays better by now if I was not extremely passionate. In athletic training we need passionate professionals who are willing to step up and lead. If you are not an AT, are you passionate about the work that you do? Are you changing the world with your work? Is it what you love? You may not be able to be passionate about what you are doing right now. Maybe that is because you should be doing something else. In that case, find your passion and do it. Whatever it is, be passionate about what you do.

Don’t just be happy with who you are, what you believe, and what you do. Be passionate. In life we may not always be happy even, but we can still have a passion that drives us and keeps us moving forward.


2 Responses to “Be passionate”

  1. Ryan, my name is Mike Hopper. I have “athletic trainer” after my comma 🙂

    If you’re not passionate, I truly believe this is definitely a field you won’t be successful in.

    I am very passionate about being an athletic trainer. There is no other profession I’d rather be in today. It is a great profession and there is a lot of up-side still.

    In fact, there are many times where I have gotten “in trouble” for being too passionate whatever that is supposed to mean…

    Every Athlete Deserves an Athletic Trainer.

  2. Michael Goldenberg Says:


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