NATA District 2 Governmental Affairs

July 2, 2012

It is my privilege to serve as your NATA District 2 governmental affairs representative. I am passionate about our profession and am excited about what we can do together through governmental affairs. We are certainly unique health care providers and need to be recognized for the valuable services that we provide. Together we can attain strong legislation that does not restrict our ability to practice, but provides for public safety.

We can do much when we stand together and speak. If we are do not speak then we are not heard. When we are not heard nothing can happen. But we need to make things happen, and so we must speak. As one voice we can educate and inform what we do and who we are.

We are athletic trainers. We are health care professionals providing prevention and rehabilitation services to people of all walks of life. That message must be clear everywhere we go.

Your involvement in governmental affairs is how we will continue to move forward. As I serve you in this role I ask for your support. The things that I ask of you are not always big, but they are always important. We are all busy, but we are all part of an organization that only moves when we move. You are the NATA, EATA, NYSATA, PATS, DATA, ATSNJ. Do not mistake your leaders for the NATA because your leaders are only members as well. Your involvement in the efforts in your state and federally will help in promoting our profession.

Will you answer the call when the call comes in? Will you be part of making things happen?


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