Weight loss

December 7, 2011

It is that time of year where I prepare to share the gym with countless more people who just gorged themselves over the holidays and are willing themselves to lose 20…30…40…80 pounds this year.

Currently I am experiencing weight loss myself. I have a goal to be at 160 by Christmas. It is realistic (I started back from 180 and am working my way back down to this healthy weight). I am currently at 165. Some people question why I need to lose weight at all. You look thin. Well at 180 I was overweight. At 170 I was near a healthy weight range. At 160 I am comfortably in that range. If I continue I could be at 155 or lower.

The final weight will be determined by my percent body fat (which I expect to be below 10%). My goal for now is 160.

For my 30th birthday I made it down to 160 from 180. Not that impressive considering the fact that I did not maintain it. Just like the biggest losers, if healthy lifestyle is not maintained neither will the result. You don’t get the things that you want in life without working for it.

So here are some advice that I want to share as you or someone you knows begins that journey to their goal.

1. The weight loss does not happen quickly at the beginning. In fact it is never going to happen as quickly as we would like. Focus on keeping on the journey and it will happen.

2. You can’t just go to the gym and expect it to happen there. You have to take responsibility for how much you are eating. I would recommend the following website for everyone, but especially if you are looking to lose weight. https://www.choosemyplate.gov/SuperTracker/default.aspx

3. Work up to your target workout. You are not going to begin burning 500 calories at the gym on your first day unless you intend to live there. Walking is going to take a long time to burn calories, as is biking, but these are right for some people. Include resistance work. Do a circuit workout. Get a program from a personal trainer or a strength coach. The intensity is going to burn calories and the muscle will increase your resting calorie expenditure.

4. Go into it with goals. Learn how to make a goal. Specific, measureable, achievable, realistic, and time-targeted goals. Do you want to lose 30 pounds by your birthday. Make that the goal.

5. Track your progress. I like to use excel to track my goals. I have an Excel spreadsheet that I put my weight in each day. I can make a graph with a trendline to visualize my progress and my goal. Some people journal (mileage, time, workout, weight, nutrition, etc.).

6. Weigh yourself each morning at the same time under the same conditions. The morning is the best time to weigh-in. Checking your weight also keeps you on target and helps you to maintain your focus on your goal.

7. Make sure that it is a healthy goal. You should not seek to lose more weight than is healthy and you should make sure that you are losing it appropriately. 2-3 pounds of weight loss a week is normally acceptable. Some people are able to lose more, but most of the time this is from water loss.

8. Drink water. Carry a water bottle around with you everywhere. I have begun this and it is amazing the difference that you feel. Being hydrated is essential to weight loss because of the body’s need for water to function properly.

9. Expect a bump in the road. If and when you stumble and gain a few pounds against your goal, refocus. Refocus your efforts, get back on track, and don’t stop. It is important that you expect a problem spot in the road. You go out to eat and eat more than you should. Decrease your calories slightly (not completely) over the next few days and you are still on track. It is looking at the big picture. Looking at the end result.

10. Have accountability. Tell someone about your goal and share your progress with them each week. Have them keep your accountable to your goal.

Keep your eyes focused on your goal.

New years day is not the time to begin your journey to a healthier lifestyle. Today is. Choose to be healthier and begin that journey today, not tomorrow.


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